Predator Battle Ireland. Hello 2021, Goodbye 2020

1 november 2020 | By

HELLO 2021.

Still 2020 so for 2021 we can keep it short…..Predator Battle Ireland OPEN to enter for 2021! Of course we will have that great first prize The Alumacraft Escape 165 tiller with a 50hp Suzuki on it and a great boat needs a great boat trailer so that will be a Kalftrailer Alumacraft Special tailor made for this boat.

But for all other news and sponsors, check the website and/or follow us on facebook and like always….half way we still get new sponsors even on the last moment 😊


What can I say over 2020 and how to say it friendly? I’m going to say it…..2020 was and still is a fecking Covid-19 year a disaster for all businesses! (my mind uses other words but okay) To stay in the event business like fishing competitions one after the other one had to cancel their competition very sadly! ☹

So can I say we had all the luck of the world to go ahead with the Predator Battle Ireland 2020? Yes we had, but August was a very nerve-racking month and it was unsure till 2 weeks before we kicked off! The teams who had to travel to Ireland from…just call a few Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, UK were lucky and allowed to travel, except one person from Russia had to stay home (we missed you Vlad)

Think 4 or 5 days after the competition they locked those countries, but everyone has already come home safely! Now, 5 weeks later, Ireland is back into a full Lockdown for 6 weeks, big fun….NOT! Well that’s enough moaning for the moment, just told you we were lucky to go ahead with the Battle 😊

Just like to thank all teams who came over to participate and no sponsors no competition so one more time all sponsor names of last year below….thank you so much. If you want to see more of one the sponsors just click on their logo/photo please.

Yes over the 22 sponsors good for 30 team prizes, I think that’s unbelievable in such a short time we are active as the Predator Battle Ireland! Of course we all know that it is impossible to keep all participants happy. But that’s because you have 2 types of participants, first one for the crack and of course they still keep hope on the first prize. Actually there are 3 types and those are the ones that also make a nice holiday of it.

And last but not least, those die-hard competition beasts who at least want to earn their money back on prizes…. even better making money!

Those competition beasts as just mentioned made more a life style of it “following the dream” but dreams not always come true! I have a good ear for rumours so I hear things like ” top 10 prizes have to be bigger or I don’t enter anymore” and my advice is “please do”! If I was a wizard we had 10 boats…what …even helicopters as a prize 😊

I still remember the first years with +/- 15 boats, 18 and 22 boats in the competition and that was actually big fun! The bigger the competition, the more nagging actually, but that doesn’t bother me (anymore), I’m disappointed for a moment but that’s over pretty quickly! I can only do my very stinking best and I do and I don’t force anybody to enter the competition 😊

Anyway for 2021 we take a max of 60 teams only, yes 10 more so let’s see if we can fill them in? If that succeeds, we create some possible space to increase sponsor prizes, that would be great!

The entire organization is, just like all previous times, completely in the hands of “Herman Molenaar” better known as fisHerman. “Pike Fishing Holidays in Ireland”

FisHerman Pike Fishing Holidays.

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Warmest regards from Ireland.
Herman Molenaar

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